COVID-19 Updates

Like you, we've been monitoring news about the COVID-19 virus and the rapidly changing information about what’s happening locally, nationwide, and globally. In response, we have created this page to keep members up to date on our situation at Suite Genius, and continue to update it as things progress.

With that in mind, we want to play a proactive role in slowing the spread of this virus rather than waiting until things get to some unknown level of “worse” in the future.

As a team and a community, we’re going to continue with precautionary measures to help “flatten the curve” while still preserving some availability of our shared spaces and continued online community efforts for members to access some of the coworking elements from home.

The most important things to note right now are:

  1. Suite Genius is staying open for now
  2. We’re adding a rollover policy for memberships
  3. Continued online engagement

Please read and reach out if you have any question or concerns: 

1. Suite Genius is still open. For now.

We’re paying close attention to the guidance from WHO and our local/federal health officials, and we are in close contact with our building management and staff.

The BC health officials have suggested the elimination of large group gatherings (50+ people), and at this point we do not have specific plans for a complete closure but are increasing our precautionary measures.

  1. Cleaning staff have daily presence and continue to be extra vigilant about high-transmission surfaces.
  2. There are a number of hand sanitizer bottles throughout the space so please use them upon entering and throughout your time in the space as needed.
  3. The desk tops will be sanitized regularly. You can help us by keeping your desk and workspace clean and disinfected using the spray cleaner available in the kitchen.
  4. Please avoid shaking hands or giving hugs/high fives.
  5. The spaces are quieter, so there is lots of room for self-distancing.

And it probably goes without saying but we’ll say it anyway:

  • If you’re feeling unwell, please work from home.
  • If you are part of a vulnerable group or you are immunocompromised, or are in frequent contact with a member of vulnerable groups, please work from home.
  • If you've recently travelled to foreign countries, please work from home.

Lastly, we’re deciding as a team how to proceed with reducing our own exposure. It’s likely that during the coming days/weeks we’ll be operating with minimal staff on site and will primarily be working from home and continue to support our members through email and Slack.

2. Membership rollovers FOR HOT-DESKING

Starting immediately and for the duration of this unusual scenario, any unused day passes included in your membership will roll forward into future months.

We’re still figuring out exactly the best logistical way to do this, but while it’s best for people to stay home, we want to honour your membership and hopefully reduce the need to downgrade or cancel. (In the meantime please just make note of the days you don't use so we can carry them forward to future months.)

For full time members where rollover days are possibly less useful, if you would like to pause your membership for a period of time just let us know.

We’re instituting this rollover policy in part because it’s the right thing to do. But in the interest of transparency, we’re also doing it to ensure that Suite Genius is still doing okay on the other side of this event. A massive wave of membership changes and event space cancellations could prove to be challenging.

If you have the means to continue your membership, we appreciate your support through this temporary situation. If you have questions or concerns please of course bring it to our attention.

3. Keep in touch with our community

Many of you will understandably choose to work from Suite Genius less often over the coming weeks. But odds are you chose to be a part of Suite Genius because of the human connections, so we’re going to use this as an opportunity to have our online community shine.

Most recent additions include a new channel in Slack called #brightside for finding/sharing GOOD NEWS to keep us optimistic and entertained. There is also a separate #covid19 channel if you want to keep tabs on updates and news about the virus, as well as have a place to vent and commiserate. There are many other channels to help you stay connected and productive!

That said, we know that Slack is confusing and overwhelming for some people. So if you’re interested in getting more active on Slack, but aren’t sure how or have questions, please let us know and we can help.

Once again, we’re in this together and we’ll get through it together. As long as we stick to our core principles, we're confident that we’ll come out of this experience an even stronger community.

Stay healthy everyone :) 

- Suite Genius Team